Entry into higher education is a key step in a student’s life. Although nothing is immutable, you are about to draw the outlines of your career. You are interested in an operational business training validated by a state diploma. The BTS UP ‘is a beautiful entry key … leaving you the time to grow your career desires and ambitions and thus prepare seriously and serenely various possibilities for the future.

Because the BTS at IDRAC Business School is not a BTS like the others, we named it BTS UP ‘.

BTS UP ‘is, for us, a commitment to offer you the best conditions to welcome and promote your success; for you, the opportunity to do your BTS in a business school and to integrate a strong business school community!
What opportunities, meetings, discoveries within your reach in 2 years!

Yes, you will have to excel, accept the effort, show commitment, energy and will … You can count on listening and coaching the entire team on all campuses.