A professional designation is made up of one or more named skill blocks – CCP Professional Proficiency Certificates.

CCPs may be supplemented by one or more specific units called « Supplementary Specialization Certificates » (CCS).

Each CCP can be obtained independently of the others.
If successful in the professional title, DIRECCTE issues the professional title to the candidate.
In case of partial success in the professional title, the DIRECCTE gives the candidate a certification booklet. From the time of obtaining one or more CCP, the candidate can present himself to the other CCP constituting the professional title within the limit of the duration of validity of the title. The candidate has a maximum period of one year following the end of validity of the title to stand for the title.
In case of total failure in the professional title or in case of absence, the candidate from a training course has a maximum period of one year to attend a new title session without obligation to follow a new training . Beyond one year, the candidate will have to follow a training in coherence with the intended title.

Within one year, the candidate can not attend more than three sessions of the title